About Us

Who are we?

Woodley Boys' Brigade is a uniformed youth organisation for boys aged 5 to 17 years. We have been around since 1974, providing an exciting and varied programme of activities for four age groups.

Our programme provides exciting challenges and opportunities, according to age group, enabling boys to have fun and to develop new skills at the same time. Activities, meeting times and uniform changes from Section to Section. Older boys receive leadership training and take an active part in running activities.

The local BB group, known as a Company, is part of a wider national organisation, with over 50,000 members in around 1,450 Companies. Leaders are volunteers from all walks of life, and are carefully selected, screened (Child Protection) and trained for their role; over 12,000 of them give their time and talents freely.

The BB has changed with the times since its origin in Scotland in 1883, but without abandoning its original principles. Each Company is attached to a local Church and boys are encouraged to participate in the life and worship of the host church, or another nearby. 1st Woodley is part of the youth outreach of Christ Church.

When and where do we meet?

Woodley Boys' Brigade meets at Christ Church Woodley on Crockhamwell Road - just down the hill from Waitrose Car Park. This is easy to find and has plenty of parking space, plus facilities for the less-abled.

We meet on Wednesday evenings, during school term time at the following times:

What do we do?

Activities vary according to age. Anchors enjoy plenty of games, stories, colouring and craft activities. For more detail see Anchors.

Juniors still have the sports, games and crafts, but some more adventurous sessions too, such as cooking and crate-stacking, and in the summer, outdoor games and boat trips! They gain various badges along the way to be worn with their uniform. For more detail see Juniors.

Company and Senior Sections also enjoy sports, games and badge-related activities - such as more adventurous cooking and crafts. There are oppurtunities for "off-site" trips such as swimming, 10-pin bowling and golf. In the summer, there are expeditions, canoeing, boat trips and camps. Wednesday evenings include a short Bible-based session, and how it can be relevant to life and the choices boys have to make. For more detail, see Company and Seniors.

Christ Church selects a charity to support each year, and seeks to raise money for it. The BB get involved, for example by running a car wash .