Volunteer with 1st Woodley Boys' Brigade

Boys' Brigade is run locally by volunteers. Throughout the UK and Irish Republic, over 13,000 volunteers ensure that 1,432 BB groups continue to provide activities for young people week by week.

Helping out in a BB Company with children and young people can make all the difference to young lives - meaning happier young people, happier communities and a society that values the contribution that all of us can make; young, old or in-between. BB volunteers are called "leaders"; they guide and influence the lives of young people in their care.

Research shows that when we volunteer and help others, this makes us happier too! So the benefits are there for young people, for the wider community and also for you, the volunteer.

Frequently asked questions:

What do volunteers do?

There are lots of different ways that you can help. We work with boys from all backgrounds and for all faiths, and those with no faith. Most of our volunteers come along for a couple of hours a week in the evening and get involved with one or more of our four age sections.

How much time will it take up?

Typically, a leader will spend 2 and a half hours a week with the young people. If leading part of the evening, an hour or so preparation time in advance may be required.

Do I need to be a churchgoer?

It certainly helps, because the Christian aims of the Boys' Brigade are best achieved through volunteers with a Christian commitment. Senior leaders are active Church members, though not necessarily at Christ Church. However, some volunteering tasks can be done by those who don't attend Church regularly, provided they are in sympathy with the BB's aims.

Do I need to have a background in BB or Youth Work?

Not necessarily. Many volunteers grow up through the BB, but others come without previous involvement. BB runs training courses to provide the necessary skills. More important is a heart for Young People and a belief in what they can achieve and become.

Do I need to be background checked before becoming a volunteer?

Yes! All BB volunteers need to have had a DBS (previously CRB) check in the last 6 months or be registered with the DBS Update Service. If these are not in place, then BB Headquarters will send you forms to complete and initiate DBS checks. The BB and Christ Church take Child Protection very seriously. References may also be taken up from nominated referees.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

As a registered leader you would have your own uniform just as the boys do. We have two types, one a full shirt uniform for Company Section and a jumper uniform for Junior Section/Anchors. Many of our helpers, who come occasionally don't wear uniform.

Do I have to pay anything?

The company will cover your "capitation" costs for being a helper or leader. We do ask for a contribution towards the uniform. Mainly it is your time that you are giving!